Our Testimonials

My first experience with Dr. Reid was in 2011. I had been referred to him for carpal tunnel surgery on both hands. I found him to be an incredible listener, informed, soft spoken, and professional. I was so pleased with the success of my hands, I asked Dr. Reid about fixing a post breast cancer reconstruction done by another surgeon. Dr. Reid talked through all of my concerns, spent time in showing me the improvements he could make, and was very respectful. I had my surgery in July of 2012, and am thrilled with the results. I couldn’t have hoped for better. Dr Reid is very talented plastic surgeon, and clearly a perfectionist! and I will continue to highly recommend him.
Thank you Dr. Reid!
Libby W.

I am totally over the moon with my transformative surgical experience with Dr. Robyn Watts. She was as excited to do my procedure as I was to have it done. She knew exactly how to get the result I wanted and did a beautiful job of the surgery with a very tidy surgical scar with no lumps or bumps. When I had a post-operative concern she returned to the office to meet with me when she had been en route to a weekend getaway. Brie, in the office is friendly and efficient with scheduling and office visits. As a bonus, Robyn has a great sense of humor and we have enjoyed a few good laughs together during our visits. I recommend wholeheartedly the services provided by Dr. Watts and her terrific team.
Mary D.

Getting BA was a huge decision for me and it came with a lot of working through thoughts, fears, and choices. It was far more of an emotional process than I ever dreamed it would be. For years I was frustrated and unhappy with my lack of breast development. From the first consultation I had with Dr. Watts all of my husbands and my concerns were answered with knowledgeable info and her own experienced stats. She made us feel like this far out there idea was very attainable and far simpler than we had thought. Through the whole experience Coastal’ s office was quick to answer any questions I had and we found Dr. Watts herself to be very real and super fun to work with! The surgery itself was quick and even the immediate results were impressive. I am very happy with how the whole experience went and would recommend Coastal Plastic Surgery to anyone.
– Virginia H.

Dr. Robyn Watts is a miracle worker! She is talented in her skills and her bedside manner is above reproach. I have never felt more comfortable with a physician. She worked a miracle for me when I was advised by another plastic surgeon that what I wanted/needed done was not feasible. My surgery was virtually painless, even though it was extensive and several hours in duration. From a woman’s perspective, it was great having her so understanding of my feelings about my body image and she knew immediately what needed to be done and how to do it. I worked several years ago on a plastic surgery unit at a hospital so I had some understanding of physicians, the surgery and the dynamics. Dr. Watts raises the bar on every level. I would recommend her above all others. What an amazing woman and plastic surgeon!

After having two kids, then finally getting back into shape, I felt my body was looking great…except for my breasts.  From breast feeding and fitness I had basically nothing left!  I just wanted to have my body back to where it was before without looking unnatural.  Dr. Watts gave me just that!  Dr. Watts made me feel comfortable about making the choice to have a breast augmentation.  She is brilliant and up to date on the latest research and techniques.  I could tell she is meticulous about her work, and I trusted her completely.  I felt she counseled me well on what would work with my body type and shape and am thrilled with my very natural result!  I came from two provinces away just to see Dr. Watts and would highly recommend her to anyone.

I would like to share with you, my experience with Dr. Robyn Watts and her staff. From my introductory appointment and well after my surgery, I received stellar, professional care. Dr. Watts is meticulous, extraordinally skilled, warm and caring. I had the pleasure of having my surgery at her Broadway Clinic. Her staff there took the time to answer all of my questions, and I had three separate meetings with different members of the surgical team prior to surgery to ensure an excellent outcome. My recovery went very well, and I am so pleased and satisfied with the results. I would definitely recommend Dr. Watts to anyone considering making some changes.