Body Contouring in Vancouver

Body contouring after massive weight loss

Our Vancouver body contouring program is part of the Richmond Hospital’s multi-disciplinary bariatric services team; a team dedicated to treating obesity and its related sequel – everything from diabetes and hypertension to the physical and psychological challenges that accompany massive weight loss.

One way or another, you’ve lost weight, you feel better, and you are healthier – perhaps your blood pressure is better or you are no longer a diabetic – yet still the weight loss journey might feel somewhat incomplete. Despite adopting a healthier lifestyle and returning to a much lower or even normal BMI, patients are trapped in their old skin, now deflated, loose and hanging, which can limit improvements in appearance and self-image. Body contouring after massive weight loss is how we can address these issues.

Prior to undergoing surgery, there is a defined process that we must go through to ensure the best possible result. The key elements in the process are:

  • Patient education
  • Development of an operative plan
  • Pre-operative medical work-up
  • The operation(s)
  • Standardized post-operative care
  • Assessment of the final outcome

As part of our body contouring program in Vancouver, we have put effort in to developing each of these phases specifically for the massive weight loss patient.

Vancouver Weight loss patients will meet the surgeon at least twice prior to surgery. The two essential meetings are the initial consultation and a pre-operative visit. A general outline for each of these meetings is described below. Patients are also welcome to arrange more visits in-between these two to discuss any changes in their health, the results of pre-operative investigations or simply to answer any questions.

During the initial consultation we will:

  • Understand your hopes, expectations and concerns
  • Review your past medical history
  • Identify and risk factors
  • Perform a physical examination
  • Take a set of standardized pre-operative photos
  • Make recommendations
  • Discuss the recovery, expected outcome and potential risks
  • Provide a price quote
  • Arrange investigations, lab work and referrals (if required)

Towards the end of your body contouring consultation, as we consider the treatment options, we will also discuss the associated fees and provide you with one or more quotes. The total cost will be made up of several items that may include: prescriptions, post-op garments and supplies, facility fees, taxes, professional fees for the anesthesiologist, professional fees for the surgeon(s). Quotes are largely determined by the length of surgery and not necessarily the type of surgery, for example, not every quote for a lower body lift is the same.

During the pre-operative visit (3-4 weeks prior to surgery) we will:

  • Confirm your priorities for surgery
  • Answer any questions
  • Review results of lab work
  • Review post-op plans

Congratulations on your weight loss. Spend some time thinking about what you would like to accomplish through body contouring and we will do our best to help you achieve your goals. We look forward to meeting you. Additional information on post bariatric body contouring surgery including tummy tuck and liposuction in Vancouver area  is available here.

Taking the Next Step

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