Breast Augmentation

Coastal Plastic Surgery offers breast augmentation and other cosmetic surgeries to patients in Richmond, Vancouver and the surrounding area. Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic operations that our plastic surgeons perform.

Patients often choose to have a breast augmentation in order to:

  • Enhance breast size.
  • Enhance breast shape.
  • Correct breast asymmetry
  • Restore the size, shape, and feel of breasts that have been altered by pregnancy.
  • Restore the size, shape, and feel of breasts that have been altered by weight loss.
  • Reconstruct a breast following breast cancer treatment.

Vancouver Breast Augmentation

The consultation begins with a discussion about preferences and the options available to you for breast enhancement. Following that, an examination is completed and measurements are taken to document your tissue characteristics. With your preferences and tissue characteristics in mind, the doctor will then make a recommendation regarding implant style, implant size, incision location and implant position relative to the muscle. As different options are considered, for example different breast implant styles or sizes, the implication of those choices will be discussed. This discussion should be informative and should facilitate a common understanding of both the limitations of breast augmentation surgery and your expected outcome.

Surgery takes place at an accredited private surgical facility in Vancouver. Every effort is made to ensure your comfort and safety. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and takes one to two hours. Following the operation, patients are monitored in the recovery area for a few hours prior to being discharged home.

Detailed post-operative instructions will be provided. The incisions are closed with dissolving sutures and patients are able to shower 24 hours after surgery. Dressing changes and drain tubes are not required. Although everyone experiences surgery differently, prescription pain medication is often not required and most patients can return to normal daily activities within 48 hours.

The plastic surgeons at Coastal Plastic Surgery are specialists in breast augmentation surgery and view it not only as a surgical procedure but also as an important life-changing event that has the ability to change the way you feel about yourself, the clothes you wear, the places you go and perhaps even the people you meet. No matter what your motivation is for breast enhancement, the process begins with a consultation. Let us help you discover the breast augmentation that is right for you. You can find in-depth breast augmentation information on Dr. Reid’s website.

Vancouver Breast Lift

For some women their primary concern is not breast size but rather breast shape. Breast ptosis (drooping) is the usual problem and can be characterized by varying degrees of sagging of the breast, nipple descent, deflation, loose skin, and a lack of firmness. In the presence of adequate breast volume a breast lift, or mastopexy, is the procedure of choice. This procedure typically involves re-positioning the breast higher on the chest wall, re-shaping the breast tissue to restore firmness and shape, as well as removal of any excess skin.

The results of a mastopexy can be dramatic, however, the creation of lasting fullness in the upper part of the breast (if desired) usually requires an implant. If this is a priority then it may be appropriate to combine a breast lift with the placement of an implant, a procedure known as an Augmentation-Mastopexy. This procedure should also be considered for those women who have breast ptosis and inadequate breast volume, in which case, a mastopexy alone would result in a breast that is too small.

Similar to a breast augmentation, both a mastopexy and an augmentation-mastopexy are performed in a private surgical facility in Vancouver. The procedures last 2-4 hours and patients are discharged home the same day.

Breast Reduction in Vancouver and Richmond B.C

Breast reduction surgery incorporates the removal of excess breast tissue with a breast lift, when necessary, in an effort to create a smaller more youthful breast. This is a commonly performed procedure aimed at relieving physical or psychological symptoms such as discomfort, poor posture or a self-consciousness about one’s appearance. When it is performed for these reasons it is an insured service provided by our provincial healthcare program. As such, most patients are referred to us by their Family Doctor. It is one of the most common procedures performed by both Dr. Watts and Dr. Reid and our office routinely receives referrals from doctors in the Richmond, Vancouver, Delta, Northern BC and the Yukon. Find additional information about breast reduction on Dr. Reid’s website here.

Our surgeons offer variations of the common surgical techniques in use today including the short scar vertical technique (Lollipop) and the Inverted – T technique. The recommendation for one of these techniques will be based on your physical characteristics.

The procedure is performed at either the Richmond Hospital or Delta Hospital. Patients are asleep during the surgery which lasts approximately 2 hours. Most women are discharged home the same day. Prescription pain medication may be required for a few days. Patients who require time off work usually take between one to two weeks off. Low impact exercise can be resumed after 2 weeks and all activity restrictions are removed at 4 weeks.