Vancouver Breast Implants

Breast implants have been used to change the size, shape, and feel of breasts since 1962. A culture of continuous improvement has resulted in a series of modifications and improvements to breast implant design and manufacturing methods. Today’s silicone and saline implants have been thoroughly studied and are Health Canada and FDA approved just like any other medical device.

In conjunction with the improvements in the quality and safety of today’s breast implants, the manufacturers have expanded the number of available implant types to help ensure that patients have the options they need to create a highly customized result.

The breast implant style that is chosen can have a powerful influence on the final outcome. In other words, two breast implants of the same size, but of different styles, can produce very different results. For example, the look and feel created by a 300cc smooth round high profile saline implant would be quite different than that of a 300cc textured shaped moderate-profile cohesive gel implant. Matching implant styles and sizes to your preferences and tissue characteristics is a crucial part of the breast augmentation process. The plastic surgeons at Coastal Plastic Surgery in Vancouver are well prepared to guide you through this process to help ensure a great result and your overall satisfaction.