Post-Pregnancy Breast Augmentation

After childbirth and subsequent breast-feeding, women are often faced with sagging and loss of volume in the breasts. Hormonal changes cause the breasts to increase in size during pregnancy and once breast feeding is discontinued, the breasts tend to lose volume, change shape and sag. The skin on the breasts often becomes loose and extra folds may develop. Post-pregnancy breast augmentation can remove these problems and can not only return your breasts to the pre-pregnancy state but also add to their original size and volume.

A common question is how long you should wait before undergoing post-pregnancy breast augmentation. Post-pregnancy breast augmentation is among the many specializations of Coastal Plastic Surgery in Vancouver and this is something that will be covered during the consultation process. While each case will be considered and evaluated individually, in general:

  • The typical pregnancy lasts for 9 months and it can take another 9 months for the breasts to return to normal after which surgery is recommended.
  • Post-pregnancy breast augmentation should not normally be done for a least 6 month after breast feeding stops.
  • Some of the fatty tissue that accumulates in the beasts during pregnancy takes 6 to 12 months to disappear and the augmentation should be done after that.

The surgeons at Vancouver’s Coastal Plastic Surgery will discuss all these and other issues during the consultation period to ensure that the post-pregnancy breast augmentation is done at the right time. The nature of the surgery, the expected recovery period and the costs involved will also be discussed so that you are fully aware of all aspects of the procedure.

The surgery itself involves:

  • Using either silicone or saline implants. Coastal Plastic Surgery will brief you on the benefits of both so that an informed choice can be made.
  • The use of general anesthesia in most cases.
  • Incisions to be made around the areolas, under the breast or under the arms. This will vary from case to case and the surgeons as Coastal Plastic Surgery will determine which is the best way for you.
  • The insertion of drainage tubes in the breasts to allow the incisions to dry and heal quickly.
  • Either the same day return home or an overnight stay in the hospital, depending on exact nature of the surgery and your overall physical condition.

Recovery from post-pregnancy breast augmentation is simple and not time-consuming.

  • Once you return to your home you will need to rest for a few days.
  • The gauze that is used as a protective cover for your breasts will be removed, as will the drainage tubes.
  • You will normally be able to return to normal office work within a week.
  • Excessive physical exercise and strain will have to be avoided for between 6 to 8 weeks.

Coastal Plastic Surgery will cover all aspects of post-pregnancy breast augmentation with you in their Vancouver office so that you are able to make informed decisions, plan your schedule for the recovery period and know what kind of results you can expect.